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Jane Lecomte

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  • Unité Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution (ESE)
  • Université Paris-Sud 11
  • Bâtiment 362
  • 91405 ORSAY Cedex


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Research activities

I am mainly interested in population dynamics and genetics at the landscape scale. At the beginning of my carrier, my research dealt with the study of the dynamic and genetics of fragmented animal populations. My research is now focused on the ecological risk assessment related to transgenic plant cultivation. I managed a research group in my lab which develops data analysis and both population dynamics and population genetic models in order to estimate long distance dispersal oilseed rape gene flow (pollen and seed) and to disentangle ecological processes induced in the origin and the persistence of feral oilseed rape populations at the landscape scale. I am currently supervising the French National Project “GMBioImpact” (2007-2010) which is concerned with various aspects of oilseed rape gene flow and impact on biodiversity. For a better prediction of (trans)gene flow over the agricultural landscape, we (1) undertake experiments to estimate precisely the seed and pollen dispersal over long distance as well as the dispersal of feral populations (invasive process), (2) combine several statistical methods using demographic and genetic data to find out the origin and persistence of feral populations and gene flow, (3) develop simulation models to predict the evolution of populations which are responsible for gene flow and their relay, (4) determine the impacts of field margin management on biodiversity (plants and insects) and transgene transfer via pollen in an open field landscape (Selommes) versus a hedgerow network landscape (Pleine-Fougères in Brittany).