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Evolution of angiosperms

Team leader Sophie Nadot

Nour Abdel-Samas, Béatrice Albert, Fatima Awada, Reda Benmrid, Laetitia Carrive, Françoise Lamy, Sophie Nadot, Kader Naino, Véronique Normand, Charlotte Prieu, Christian Raquin, Elisabeth Reyes, Thierry Robert, Hervé Sauquet, Abou Sarr, Najat Takvorian, Sonia Yakovlev, Qian Zhang.

The Evolution of Angiosperms (EVA) team explores areas of research that include the origins, the organization and dynamics of wild and cultivated plant diversity using tools and concepts from genomics, cytogenetics, population and ecological genetics, and population dynamics.
The research focuses on: i) evolution and development (evo-devo) in flowering plants, ii) the dynamics of diversity and evolution in species complexes and iii) gene flow and biodiversity in human dominated landscapes. Some topics discussed are made in collaborations with colleagues in humanities and social sciences from other research units.

The two areas of research are :

Evo-Devo in flowering plants

Evolution of species complexes and genome organization